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Immortals (2011)

“Immortals” (2011) TRAILER

Immortals offers us a new look at cinematic action.  With Luke Evans and Henry Cavill in this creation from the producers of 300, Immortals’ action choreography is what sets this apart from anything else.  While critics do say that Immortals lacks in story and complexity, it spawns from a generation of great innovation of immortals smashing Titans and epic battles between men and monsters of men.

It is worth it just to go and watch these toned, golden gladiators beat the shit out of each other in fantastic, beautiful flips and kicks.  There is little to say, except that Freida Pinto, Luke Evans, and Henry Cavill are the pawns upon which director Tarsem Singh brings an age of cinema.

Immortals is a 7/10.


One response

  1. It’s probably one of the best-looking films of the whole year (yet, I still haven’t seen Tree of Life) and the action is awesome and in-you-face which is something I always like. The story dragged on a bit and I couldn’t help but think that if the writing was a tweaked a little better, this would have definitely been a very solid film. Instead it was just fun and pretty to look at. Good review.

    November 22, 2011 at 12:34 PM


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