Listen. Believe.

How To’s

Watching a Movie

Watching a movie is just like going on a date.  You want to enjoy it?  Guess what, there are rules and guidelines:

1. Crowd Control
Some movies are meant to watch with a sexy date, others, with your friends, and some, with your family.  “Captain America” is for general purposes.  “Friends With Benefits” is definitely date material.  “Horrible Bosses” is an experience you have with close friends.  Control who you go with.  Simple as that.

2. Preparation
Match the atmosphere or genre of the movie you are going to watch.  So, if you know you are going to watch a heavy drama, do not do it the night you win the lottery.  Some may argue against this one, but if you are going to watch a romantic comedy, do not do it after you flush Goldie the Goldfish down the toilet.  Set your real life sentiments straight before you go in and watch a movie.

3. Go With Someone
Watching alone is stupid.  You feel stupid when you are the only one laughing in an empty room.  Watching alone is just plain ridiculous.  Watch it with a dog, sister, sexy date, maybe even an ex.  Companionship goes a long way in the movie experience.

4. Go To The Theaters
Go to the theaters.  Go for the experience.

Of course, these points may come across as dumb and no brainers, but you will be surprised at how many people fall short of truly enjoying a movie when all they had to do was follow these common sense rules.


Getting a Job

Getting a job is already a daunting task for anyone out there.  What makes it even more crazy is you need experience to get a job.  Wait. What?

Yes, you need to have prior experience to get experience.  We call this a paradox.  So let us presume you are a recent graduate, you have your diploma, and a spring in your step after you had the wildest graduation party.  You go online, search the newspaper, whatever you need to do, and you realize you have, literally, a blank resume.  What now?

1. Apply for a Job
While this may come off as a no brainer, this is usually the first problem people encounter.  Get some Christmas balls and apply, regardless if they say you need 4 years of experience working directly for the CEOs of Google.   You never know what they are going to think on the other side of the counter.

2. Follow Up
Always follow up with your resume, your interview, a short meeting, any time you get contacted.  Employers always get a pile of applicants.  You may not stand out, and in fact, probably no one stands out, since everyone has a diploma, some may have a couple internships, some may have a couple temporary jobs, but unless your last name is Carnegie or Kennedy, you are not going to get noticed.  What will get you noticed is your ability to communicate, to respond, and ultimately, to be responsible for your own ?*$%ing life, yes?

3. Limit Yourself
Limit the time you spend searching for jobs.  Spend about 3 hours maximum on the computer, 2 hours max on the phone, no more than 4 hours max total.  Go out with friends, go do your laundry, go buy Starbucks and chat with your ex — the point is to breathe fresh air and, most importantly:

4. Network
This is the 21st Century.  Most people just starting out get their jobs by association.  Just get out there and see if your friend’s company is looking for a person to fill in for their recently pregnant receptionist, or maybe your mother knows someone with an open position, or, may this never happen, your ex has an open subordinate position in the company she works for.  Just get out, stop staring at your computer, and meet people.   You never know what people are thinking.  Oh, be nice when you network, that is the point, right… to get people to like you?

5. Humility
You have no experience.  You will not get an execute position.  Give up on that dream.  Start off small, approach even the smallest tasks with the greatest care, and work your way up.  Keep that in your mind, even when they call you to double check your resume.  You are there to be productive, not to tell other people how to give you a job.

I have personally been on the other side of the counter, so experience is a plus, but employees are not looking for the most experienced person in the world.  They are looking for a reliable, proactive people who will boost the productivity of the company.  They want you to help them make money.

Relax.  If you are on an edge, other people will be on an edge.  Always make sure you are proactive and responsible, dedicated and deliberate, but do not come off as someone who is 3 months behind on rent, desperate for change, and too stingy to pay for lunch.   Be professional.  Use your common sense.

– Words4Souls