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In Time (2011)

“In Time” (2011) TRAILER

Set in the near future, “In Time” entertains the idea of a society using time as currency, where everyone gets 1 year to live at the age of 25.  Extra time is bought, exchanged — or stolen.  Corruption and capitalistic monopoly keeps people from changing the system, a system that categorizes people in “time zones” — sadistic boundaries in society that get worse the less time you have.  Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfreid become an unlikely team as they try and break the system by running from “time keepers”, stealing time from time banks, and doling it out to the poor, shaking the system from the highest echelons of society down to the ghettos from which they each hail from respectively.

“In Time” definitely is different, putting a thrilling twist on the idea of society as a capitalist structure and robbing the rich and giving to the poor.  It keeps us constantly on our toes as the badass Timberlake takes undeniable, irrevocable risks and the ridiculously sexy Seyfreid forsakes her pompous life in a struggle for seconds that define the boundary between living and dying.

“In Time” was refreshing, well choreographed, and Amanda is simply too sexy to ignore.  One of the greatest assets “In Time” has is its moments when the characters are literally racing for time.  In one scene, Timberlake and Olivia Wilde race towards each as Wilde’s clock counts down to 0, each knowing that if it does, she will die.  Timberlake is able to give her time, if only they could touch, and as they are just steps away — Olivia is thrown off her feet as her time runs out and her heart stops.  It is a terrible scene to behold and “In Time” simply commands our every heartbeat with heavy thuds each time someone’s time runs out, reminding us of our own limited time.

Watch it.  It may not have a high rating on IMDb, but it certainly is something worth watching, a truly innovative work.

“In Time” is an 8/10