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The Help (2011)

“The Help” (2011) TRAILER

Unfortunately, the trailer for “The Help” fails, completely undercutting this masterpiece brought to us by director Tate Taylor.  Budding actress Emma Stone plays Skeeter, a determined journalist who sets to motion a sequence of events that eventually lead to a battle of words, deeds, and will, all set in a small suburban town.  “The Help” addresses issues of race and feminism in a heartwarming tale that not only gives us a view of the injustices in racism but also the courage it takes to fight against the norm, to fight for what is right.

While this is certainly a rather serious role for Emma Stone, the actress performs well, fleshing out the character in a way that makes “The Help” a very genuine, human, and humble look at the problems that no one wants to address.

“The Help” will be out on 10 August 2011.

Loyalties are tested.  Rules are broken.  Friendships are made.  Watch it.

While I initially gave this an 8/10, I am now editing my rating.  “The Help” is a 9/10, a definite Oscar nom.