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The Help (2011)

“The Help” (2011) TRAILER

Unfortunately, the trailer for “The Help” fails, completely undercutting this masterpiece brought to us by director Tate Taylor.  Budding actress Emma Stone plays Skeeter, a determined journalist who sets to motion a sequence of events that eventually lead to a battle of words, deeds, and will, all set in a small suburban town.  “The Help” addresses issues of race and feminism in a heartwarming tale that not only gives us a view of the injustices in racism but also the courage it takes to fight against the norm, to fight for what is right.

While this is certainly a rather serious role for Emma Stone, the actress performs well, fleshing out the character in a way that makes “The Help” a very genuine, human, and humble look at the problems that no one wants to address.

“The Help” will be out on 10 August 2011.

Loyalties are tested.  Rules are broken.  Friendships are made.  Watch it.

While I initially gave this an 8/10, I am now editing my rating.  “The Help” is a 9/10, a definite Oscar nom.


Abduction (2011)

“Abduction” (2011) TRAILER

Taylor Lautner plays Nathan, a boy who suddenly finds himself alone and sought out for by a dangerous organization, and he only has a short amount of time to find out why and who.  Wrenched from a comfortable life in the suburbs, Nathan uncovers secrets about his life, starting with a baby photo he finds on a missing person’s website, drawing him deeper into a conspiracy that soon destroys everything and everyone around him.

So the majority of the female population will be in the movie theaters just to see Taylor strip down and do some action sequences.  What we will not expect is to see Lily Collins also take a major roll in “Abduction” as Nathan’s love interest.  While Lily Collins did play a role in “Priest” (2011), this will be Collins’ next step towards establishing herself as a rising star in the industry.

It does not hurt to know that Lily Collins is gorgeous and sexy, so there will be a couple guys out in the theaters too.

“Abduction” is a 7/10

Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

“Cowboys and Aliens” 2011 TRAILER

“Cowboys and Aliens” was great, until it was shown in U.S. theaters on July 29.  While the acting and directing were fantastic — Olivia Wilde was able to emanate an otherworldly vibe and Daniel Craig was tailored for Wild West showdowns — the story itself was questionable, incomplete, and very painful to watch.

Just to point out some faults… What was the Dolarhyde kid such a major factor at the start only to be a small factor in the conclusion?  Elle is a fugitive extraterrestrial who came to Earth on… wings?  Elle is a… phoenix?  What was the changing point in the story?  While we know the aliens want our gold, it is unclear exactly what they use it for… golden forks and spoons?

“Cowboys and Aliens” is the story of what happens when everything but the story is great.

“Cowboys and Aliens” is a 6.5/10.

Fireflies in the Garden (2008)

While revisiting some of the oldies, I came across “Fireflies in the Garden”, a favorite of mine.  Ryan Reynolds plays a broken character who visits the family after a tragic accident, opening and closing old wounds as the family comes together in a touching drama of love and loss.

“Fireflies in the Garden” speaks deep into the soul, a truly sentimental piece that leaves the audience bittersweet.

“Fireflies in the Garden” is an 8.5/10