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Brave (2012)

“Brave” (2012) TRAILER

I must admit, while Pixar is the ultimate standard for all things animated, Brave was, unfortunately, slightly disappointing. So far, the storyline is well written, there is a beginning and a conclusion to things, some comedy and certainly several moments where we connected emotionally, but everything, from the magic dessert to the demon bear, lost the beautiful coherence and connection that was once a thing of all Pixar creations.
Our minds were not blown away, at least not this time, and while this is quite a rare thing in itself, it is expected of Pixar to leave us emotionally smitten — this is not the case with Brave.
Brave comes across as a child’s plaything, befitting a rather young audience when compared with Pixar’s “Up” and “Wall-E”. ¬†Well, true, Brave is a very heartwarming animation masterpiece, but from Pixar, let us just say, we expect our breaths to be taken away — sadly, with Brave, all we do is smile and chuckle away with this family flick.
With all this notwithstanding, as with all Pixar creations, Brave is absolutely an animation masterpiece and certainly an improvement in all aspects from the average weekend box office hit — this is, of course, still Pixar.
“Brave” is a 7.5/10