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Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

“Cowboys and Aliens” 2011 TRAILER

“Cowboys and Aliens” was great, until it was shown in U.S. theaters on July 29.  While the acting and directing were fantastic — Olivia Wilde was able to emanate an otherworldly vibe and Daniel Craig was tailored for Wild West showdowns — the story itself was questionable, incomplete, and very painful to watch.

Just to point out some faults… What was the Dolarhyde kid such a major factor at the start only to be a small factor in the conclusion?  Elle is a fugitive extraterrestrial who came to Earth on… wings?  Elle is a… phoenix?  What was the changing point in the story?  While we know the aliens want our gold, it is unclear exactly what they use it for… golden forks and spoons?

“Cowboys and Aliens” is the story of what happens when everything but the story is great.

“Cowboys and Aliens” is a 6.5/10.