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In Time (2011)

“In Time” (2011) TRAILER

Set in the near future, “In Time” entertains the idea of a society using time as currency, where everyone gets 1 year to live at the age of 25.  Extra time is bought, exchanged — or stolen.  Corruption and capitalistic monopoly keeps people from changing the system, a system that categorizes people in “time zones” — sadistic boundaries in society that get worse the less time you have.  Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfreid become an unlikely team as they try and break the system by running from “time keepers”, stealing time from time banks, and doling it out to the poor, shaking the system from the highest echelons of society down to the ghettos from which they each hail from respectively.

“In Time” definitely is different, putting a thrilling twist on the idea of society as a capitalist structure and robbing the rich and giving to the poor.  It keeps us constantly on our toes as the badass Timberlake takes undeniable, irrevocable risks and the ridiculously sexy Seyfreid forsakes her pompous life in a struggle for seconds that define the boundary between living and dying.

“In Time” was refreshing, well choreographed, and Amanda is simply too sexy to ignore.  One of the greatest assets “In Time” has is its moments when the characters are literally racing for time.  In one scene, Timberlake and Olivia Wilde race towards each as Wilde’s clock counts down to 0, each knowing that if it does, she will die.  Timberlake is able to give her time, if only they could touch, and as they are just steps away — Olivia is thrown off her feet as her time runs out and her heart stops.  It is a terrible scene to behold and “In Time” simply commands our every heartbeat with heavy thuds each time someone’s time runs out, reminding us of our own limited time.

Watch it.  It may not have a high rating on IMDb, but it certainly is something worth watching, a truly innovative work.

“In Time” is an 8/10


Abduction (2011)

“Abduction” (2011) TRAILER

Taylor Lautner plays Nathan, a boy who suddenly finds himself alone and sought out for by a dangerous organization, and he only has a short amount of time to find out why and who.  Wrenched from a comfortable life in the suburbs, Nathan uncovers secrets about his life, starting with a baby photo he finds on a missing person’s website, drawing him deeper into a conspiracy that soon destroys everything and everyone around him.

So the majority of the female population will be in the movie theaters just to see Taylor strip down and do some action sequences.  What we will not expect is to see Lily Collins also take a major roll in “Abduction” as Nathan’s love interest.  While Lily Collins did play a role in “Priest” (2011), this will be Collins’ next step towards establishing herself as a rising star in the industry.

It does not hurt to know that Lily Collins is gorgeous and sexy, so there will be a couple guys out in the theaters too.

“Abduction” is a 7/10

One Day (2011)

“One Day” (2011) TRAILER

Jim Sturgess plays Dexter, Anne Hathaway plays Emma, 2 souls who encounter each other on the same day every year.

While this may come off as a romantic comedy, “One Day” dives deeper into human emotions and the complex we call love.  Dexter is a rough, swinging, playboy while Emma is a caring, compassionate, friend.  Yet, even though one would rarely see them together in any scenario, Dexter and Emma find a connection that speaks deeper and more intimately than any ordinary relationship.

“One Day” shows this amazing couple, not always having sex but always having this magical connection, this bond that binds them even when they are with others, marking them not as passionate lovers but as eternal soul mates.

Dexter and Emma are no ordinary couple, and “One Day” is no ordinary romantic drama.

“One Day” is an 8/10.

Drive (2011)

“Drive” (2011) TRAILER

Ryan Gosling has been incognito for a while since “The Notebook”, probably escaping endearing fans and raving crowds.  “Drive” may change all that.

“Drive” is an angry monster just reeking of originality and potential.  Ryan Gosling plays a stuntman who does wheelman jobs at night, only to find that someone put out a contract after a heist goes wrong.

Set in a corrupt world of stealing and shooting, Ryan Gosling steps up to the plate with blazing guns, sleek ass cars, gorgeous beauties sitting shotgun (Christina Hendricks), and a demure love interest making dinner back home (Carey Mulligan).

Ryan Gosling is no longer Noah from “The Notebook”… Ryan Gosling is the Driver you do not want to mess with.

Tangled (2010)

“Tangled” (2010) TRAILER

While I do have inhibitions against watching Disney, since they completely lost credibility with several previous creations, “Tangled” was definitely a surprise.

Rapunzel is a quirky, lovable character set in a tug of war.  On one end, Mother Gothel expects Rapunzel to be the eternal Fountain of Youth.  Set on the opposite end is Flynn Rider, a smooth talker with a jerk-y bravado to cover a gentle interior.  Rapunzel does not really care about either one, at least initially.

Rapunzel just wants to see the “floating lights” that grace the skies every year on Rapunzel’s birthday.

You crying yet?  “Tangled” is a story flowing with compassion and beautiful vocal music, serenading us along as we experience Rapunzel’s growth in life and exposure to the outside world.  We will never forget “Mother Knows Best”.

Disney overdid themselves in creating the animations, carefully crafting each frame and presenting a tight, impeccable picture.  Well, they did spend $260 million, but we forgive them.

Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore voice the protagonist duo, fleshing out the characters with their remarkably stylish voices, easily seducing us into each of the character’s story without losing their touch when they break out into song.

I pray this is not the end.  Give us more, Disney!

“Tangled” is a 9/10.

Apollo 18 (2011)

“Apollo 18” (2011) TRAILER

“Apollo 18” is the story of Apollo 18.  Wow, so tell us something we do not know.  What we do not know is that there were extraterrestrials on the moon.  Oh!  Surprise!

“Transformers 3” did a better take on what goes on up on the moon.  While I am sure it is a cinematographic element, the static on screen and the omnipresent grey filter only serves to diminish the quality, easily coming across as Halo 2 on the Big Screen.

“Apollo 18” deserves a remake, say… Apollo 18 is the story of going on the moon and discovering… wait for it… an original story!

“Apollo 18” is set for release on September 2.  Watch it or not?

Stardust (2007)

“Stardust” (2007) TRAILER

“Stardust” is a classic, a favorite, a phenomenon, and a masterpiece.  I am unable to fathom why people have not seen this piece, but I definitely recommend it to any movie watcher out there.

“Stardust” is based off of Neil Gaiman’s epic novel, set in a beautiful world where magic is just as real as the air you breathe.  Matthew Vaughn brings us beautiful cinematography and a masterpiece of a story, following us every step of the way as we revisit our past when we were children, flipping through fantasy novels and daydreaming of magic spouting from the tips of our fingers.  Starring Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Robert De Niro, and Mark Strong, this ensemble cast will completely blow you away.

“Stardust” is simply something you cannot miss, an experience as important as watching Bambi and reading Harry Potter.

“Stardust is a 9.5/10.