Listen. Believe.

One Day (2011)

“One Day” (2011) TRAILER

Jim Sturgess plays Dexter, Anne Hathaway plays Emma, 2 souls who encounter each other on the same day every year.

While this may come off as a romantic comedy, “One Day” dives deeper into human emotions and the complex we call love.  Dexter is a rough, swinging, playboy while Emma is a caring, compassionate, friend.  Yet, even though one would rarely see them together in any scenario, Dexter and Emma find a connection that speaks deeper and more intimately than any ordinary relationship.

“One Day” shows this amazing couple, not always having sex but always having this magical connection, this bond that binds them even when they are with others, marking them not as passionate lovers but as eternal soul mates.

Dexter and Emma are no ordinary couple, and “One Day” is no ordinary romantic drama.

“One Day” is an 8/10.



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