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Drive (2011)

“Drive” (2011) TRAILER

Ryan Gosling has been incognito for a while since “The Notebook”, probably escaping endearing fans and raving crowds.  “Drive” may change all that.

“Drive” is an angry monster just reeking of originality and potential.  Ryan Gosling plays a stuntman who does wheelman jobs at night, only to find that someone put out a contract after a heist goes wrong.

Set in a corrupt world of stealing and shooting, Ryan Gosling steps up to the plate with blazing guns, sleek ass cars, gorgeous beauties sitting shotgun (Christina Hendricks), and a demure love interest making dinner back home (Carey Mulligan).

Ryan Gosling is no longer Noah from “The Notebook”… Ryan Gosling is the Driver you do not want to mess with.


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  1. Nathan Schutter

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