Listen. Believe.

Apollo 18 (2011)

“Apollo 18” (2011) TRAILER

“Apollo 18” is the story of Apollo 18.  Wow, so tell us something we do not know.  What we do not know is that there were extraterrestrials on the moon.  Oh!  Surprise!

“Transformers 3” did a better take on what goes on up on the moon.  While I am sure it is a cinematographic element, the static on screen and the omnipresent grey filter only serves to diminish the quality, easily coming across as Halo 2 on the Big Screen.

“Apollo 18” deserves a remake, say… Apollo 18 is the story of going on the moon and discovering… wait for it… an original story!

“Apollo 18” is set for release on September 2.  Watch it or not?



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