Listen. Believe.

The Sitter (2011)

“The Sitter” 2011 TEASER

“The Sitter” stars Jonah Hill as a loser living at home who is force fed into a babysitting job, unknowingly stepping into a wild night of sex, drugs, and random craziness.  So that is the pitch so far.

Set for December 2011, “The Sitter” reminds us of “In Good Company”, but with a sick adolescent twist to it, and while there are certain perks to that, such as underage drinking, sex, and insane drug dealers, the naivety of the characters may be what kills the job for us.  “The Sitter” does not have a catch to it, like the upcoming “50/50”, it is not original, like “Easy A”, and it is definitely not “The Hangover”.

Simply put, we have seen it, done it, and moved on.



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