Listen. Believe.

“Super 8” and Steven Spielberg

“Super 8” (2011) TRAILER

Super 8, from its inception, was a homage to the great Steven Spielberg, resembling the monumental “E.T.” in cinematography and stylized storytelling.

While we do visit some nostalgic moments, especially when Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) goes eye to eye with the alien, reminding us so dearly of E.T., overall, “Super 8” was innovating in its cinematography.  We do not get a clear shot of the alien and neither do the characters — until they see the alien the same moment we do.  We get a sense of fusion with the characters, mainly Joe Lamb and Alice Dainard (Elle Fanning), as we experience what they experience, following their every step as they try to figure out what exactly is going on.

One of the major elements in “Super 8” was the stylized cinematography and storytelling, which, although it was shot by J.J. Abrams, reminds us of Spielberg Cinematography, as seen in the use of flashlights in dark scenes, shots of characters staring at something off screen, a story of children taking control while the adults stand by, and the semi grainy filter that gives it an antique look while still giving it a contemporary authenticity, etc.

Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning were simply fantastic in this, as their chemistry was palpable and believable — it is a relief to finally see solid talents who look just like any one of us and yet are also able to make us believe in their characters.

“Super 8” is an 8/10.



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