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The Dark Knight Rises

“The Dark Knight Rises” (2011) TRAILER

Christopher Nolan brought us the Dark Knight, Inception, Memento, and now The Dark Knight Rises is just around the corner, estimated to be released in the summer of 2012.  Why the wait?!  We want it now!

While Christian Bale is still the face of Gotham City, with new figures such as Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Jordan Gordon-Levitt, and Liam Neeson — did some of them show up in Inception or is it just me — The Dark Knight Rises promises to conclude the epic series with action packed scenes, a sexy villain, and an intro to the Dark Knight we thought we knew.

We can say the teaser is really too short for our tastes, we want something along the lines of 150 minutes, but that would completely destroy our urge to check for updates every 150 seconds, yes?

We will never be fully prepared for what Nolan has to bring to the Big Screen, but we can expect amazing visuals of Gotham City.  We can expect something we have never seen before.  We can expect a masterpiece.



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